Zachary Mano | Senior Consultant, Digital Transformation

A day in the life of a Management Associate

Posted on Aug 22, 2019

interview with Zachary Mano

what was the biggest reason you joined NCS and the Singtel MA Program?

I find the Singtel MA program uniquely structured, as it provided me with the opportunity of experiencing various business functions in the Singtel Group. At the same time, the program offered depth, as each rotation lasted a year. This duration allowed me to be involved in long-term strategic projects. After I graduated from the MA program, I joined NCS as I wanted to be part of the digital transformation journey of the Singapore government and private enterprises.

what roles have you worked on as part of the MA program? what is your current role in NCS?

My first rotation was in Group Procurement where I helped ensure our suppliers uphold the highest environmental, social and governance standards as part of our sustainable supply chain program. For my second rotation, I joined the Group Centre of Operational Excellence where I coordinated internal digitalisation initiatives across the Singtel Goup to enhance employee experience and embrace the Future of Work. In my current role now in NCS, I provide consultancy services that enable our enterprise customers to digitally transform and improve their service offerings.

what do you like most about the company culture in NCS?

NCS, while being a large and mature organisation adopts new-age practices such as Design Thinking and Agile methodology, which allows us to be nimble amidst fierce competition in the technology industry. NCS also invests in nurturing us and building our capabilities to ensure we can meet the demands of tomorrow.

“this opportunity at NCS would appeal most to...”

My role in NCS would appeal most to those who are passionate about solving the problems of tod ay, with technology as an enabler.

any advice for job applicants that would help them do well in their NCS interviews?

I don’t think there’s a secret ingredient, but applicants should have an interest in understanding how we can use digital technologies to improve lives and create a better future for everyone.

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