Hansika Vishwanath | Application Consultant, Software Engineering

Contributing to the development and improvement of client systems

Posted on Feb 16, 2021

Acquiring valuable skills through the NUCLEUS programme

Hansika is a Application Consultant under the Software Engineering team. She works with her team in production support, resolving the issues users may face with the system. Hansika credits the NUCLEUS programme with giving her the exposure and skills required to transition into project management. She also appreciates the helpful advice and guidance her career managers have provided to her.

Sparking her interest in the IT industry


A Computing and Information Systems graduate from Singapore Institute of Management, Hansika joined NUCLEUS in June 2019 after graduation, through a referral from a friend who is an NCS employee. The ability to build up her expertise in the industry while concurrently being able to obtain her Master of Technology degree piqued her interest.

Seeking self development opportunities

Through her work, Hansika has gained hands-on experience in software development. Eager to further develop her competencies, Hansika is exploring the possibilities of gaining additional exposure in the Data Analytics and Data Science track.

Hansika feels that being involved in the development of a reporting dashboard in partnership with external vendors was particularly memorable. She was able to see the project brought to life, working on the different stages of app development and being involved in the continuous improvement of the project. It gave her a sense of ownership and achievement that her efforts were part of an important client system. The opportunity to work with other industry experts and the workings of the industry were also particularly meaningful to her.

Hansika’s advice to aspiring NUCLEUS candidates is this: “Keep in mind what you are learning from your career managers during the bootcamp. The assignments help with gaining an understanding of the team demands. Take the opportunity to build friendships with other fellow candidates.”

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