transforming industries with 5G & IoT

Enabling new experiences and revolutionise industries with 5G technologies like robotics, video analytics XR, digital twins and IoT.

5G & IoT solution offerings

How we plan to revolutionise industries with 5G & IoT

5G & IoT innovation & consulting

Provide 5G & IOT innovation and consulting services such as ideation, prototyping and idea validation via proof-of-value pilots.

Edge video analytics

Enable low-latency and real-time video analytics at the edge (far edge or 5G MEC) to enable different video use cases across multiple industries.

Integrated operations centre

Integrate with sub-systems such as access gates, visitor registration and CCTV cameras to enhance security surveillance & improve visitor experience.

Autonomous retail stores

Autonomous retail stores to enable “walk-in, walk-out” shopping experience, collecting offline data analytics via a combination of edge video analytics, smart shelves and sensors.

Data intelligence for manufacturing

Unlock data from OT systems to enable data processing at the edge for real-time data visualization & advanced real-time analytics such as predictive maintenance.

5G Edge-as-a-Service

Private 5G in a box or MEC-hosted event-driven applications to enable mission critical & low latency industrial 4.0 applications.

5G & IoT Security

End-to-end 5G & IOT security offerings covering consulting, assessment, and security implementation across network, endpoints, MEC and application layers.

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From hospitality to hospitals, we’re engineering smart solutions with edge devices, automation, robotics and more.

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