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Building a satellite connected, nation-wide transport network for smarter journeys

You can’t have a smart city without smart transportation. And in densely populated places like Singapore, the importance of ensuring millions of people can move around smoothly is even more apparent.

Technology holds the key to driving smarter and more seamless transport infrastructure and traffic management, enabling the city of the future to flourish with transport that works for everyone. The future of urban mobility depends on better understanding places and the movement of people to shape strategies that are built around how we all live our lives.

To find out how we see technology impacting the future of mobility and transport, get in touch today.

driverless delivery for a smarter nation

Discover how the future of delivery is arriving early

Far from a science fiction fantasy, driverless delivery for our cities is fast becoming a reality. And you could be enjoying the convenience of an autonomous delivery sooner than you think.

Partnering with autonomous vehicle company Neolix, we’re developing the infrastructure and enabling the networks behind these innovations to help reduce carbon emissions while boosting transportation logistics efficiency. Powered by 5G connectivity, they are able to autonomously navigate and complete journeys perfect for applications like food delivery, mobile retail as well as dispatching essential supplies and medicines.

To learn more about our work with Neolix, or to discuss how we could help you unleash the potential of 5G, get in touch today.

smarter healthcare for a healthier future

Creating a new standard of care by harnessing AI and robots to assist nurses in their day-to-day tasks

Healthcare touches all of our lives and is vital to our communities. Together with governments and healthcare organisations, we’re harnessing technology to improve care today and help shape a healthier future.

One such innovation is Florence, our Robotic Nurse Assistant. She is currently being trialled at Singapore hospitals, including the first integrated general hospital at Alexandra Hospital. Florence is providing valuable assistance to nurses by carrying out essential but repetitive tasks like measuring patients’ vital signs, synchronising patients’ data for real-time follow-up and delivering medicines and snacks.

To learn more about the technology behind Florence, or to discuss how we could help your organisation harness technology for smarter healthcare, get in touch today.

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Delivering next-generation of infrastructure for schools means educators can focus on teaching

Few things can truly shape the future in the way that education can. How we teach and inspire the next generation is critical to the future of our communities.

Technology has the power to transform the way teachers engage students and do their invaluable work. From more functional improvements that lighten their workload to focus on teaching, to more innovative and groundbreaking technologies that take teaching to a whole new place.

Having previously partnered with Singapore’s Ministry of Education to roll out the Schools Standard ICT Operating Environment (SSOE) and subsequently upgrade their extensive technology resource deployment initiative, we understand what it means to impact and enhance education at scale.

Interested to learn more about what’s next in education? Or want to discuss how we could help develop your Education strategy and how it will shape the future? Get in touch today.

safe shipping for a flowing economy

Helping one of the world’s busiest transhipment ports to keep moving with safe management data

In times of uncertainty, there is some infrastructure that simply cannot falter or fail. For a shipping hub such as Singapore, ensuring ports stay open and operating is crucial for the economy. And when the COVID-19 pandemic threatened ports with closure due to safety concerns, technology provided a swift, safe and seamless solution.

To align with the national contact tracing effort, we worked with the Maritime and Port Authority of Singapore (MPA) to develop SmartEntry@Sea. This required workers boarding and leaving ships in Singapore’s ports to check-in and check-out and comply with new safe management requirement at all departure points and waterfront facilities. Thanks to this new system, Singapore’s borders and population remained safe and valuable operations could continue.

Together with MPA, we’re continuing to help ensure public health and livelihoods are protected even amidst a global pandemic. Interested to learn more about how SmartEntry@Sea application has been helping people respond to COVID-19? Get in touch today.

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