Vivian Dierbeck | Client Service Unit, Financial, Industrial & Commercial

Driving strategic client partnerships in the industrial and commercial space

Posted on Nov 20, 2020

mission possible: driving client success towards a higher order of strategic outcomes

Having had a myriad of experiences managing global client accounts, leading consulting teams to deliver IT/SAP projects to global clients, and having been in user management leadership roles as a CIO and Global IT Director, Vivian is able to keenly relate to client leadership and appreciate their vision and needs. Her aspiration is to help clients seek a higher order of strategic business outcomes whenever possible, through targeted advisory and solutioning with NCS. This would involve working with strategic partners to explore new growth models, through digitally-enabled technologies that accelerate transformation and enhance work processes. As Sector Lead for Industrial and Commercial (IC) and Co-Lead for Financial, Industrial and Commercial (FIC) Client Service Unit in NCS, Vivian is excited to work with both existing and new clients to set up strategic initiatives that can help them stay competitive and relevant in today’s VUCA (volatile, uncertain, complex, and ambiguous) world.

engaging both clients and teams with integrity, respect, and rapport

The passion for new technologies and their applications has always been intriguing for Vivian, and her professional satisfaction comes when clients embrace the effectiveness of the systems upon implementation. She has consistently witnessed the values that are fundamental to success is not just the right solutioning and a solid delivery process, but it requires a personal commitment and engagement with the client. Her enduring professional relationships are knit from values of integrity and perseverance to resolve existing issues, and continuously striving to provide valuable insights for the clients’ businesses. Vivian’s leadership style is one of collaborative partnership, leading with integrity and respect for others. Over the years, she has built strong rapport with many of her clients. She has also applied the same principles of integrity and personal engagement to build meaningful relationships with her own team.

“We are successful when we make our clients successful. There is no real partnership until we first learn how to listen, and work on the outcomes that truly matter to our clients.”

appreciating wildlife, different cultures, and living in the present

Vivian is captivated by wildlife, nature, beautiful sceneries and cultural diversity in her work and personal encounters. Therein lies her love for travelling, through her career and on vacations. Vivian believes it is essential to enjoy the work one does with the people one works with, and to take time to enjoy life in the present. While she enjoys Italian cuisine and dim-sum get-togethers with family and friends in her free time, she would try to work it off with some racket games or a round of golf whenever possible. But for Vivian, the highlight of a relaxing day is to pillion ride on her husband's Harley while on vacation in her home in the US! 

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