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Bringing Communications Engineering to new heights

Posted on Feb 16, 2021

The Amiable Leader

As someone who has been fascinated by science since young, Chien Mien has expressed great interest in exploring how engineering allows one to venture outside current limitations and push the technological envelope, especially with programming. As Head of Communications Engineering, Chien Mien leads a team of over 500 people and prides herself to be one whom many colleagues could relate to due to her approachable disposition. Although she may be a soft-natured and gentle person, there is still steel behind her eyes when she reveals her ambitions for Communications Engineering.

The Future of Communications Engineering

NCS Communications Engineering has been instrumental in many significant public service projects in Singapore. Chien Mien prides the team for having contributed to the increased safety and situational awareness of Singapore through the many technologies NCS has implemented for its clients. From complex Communications, Command and Control systems to the integration of Internet-of-Things and Artificial Intelligence into video analytics systems, Chien Mien’s team thrives in constantly breaking new grounds to marry existing systems with new technologies to improve the productivity and efficiency of their customers' operations.

Chien Mien envisions Communications Engineering being able to “embrace all kinds of emerging technology.” Her current priorities are to make Communications Engineering more visible in the market, so as to support NCS in becoming “the top-of-mind ICT provider for clients.”

Believing in the boundless potential of autonomous engineering systems, Chien Mien plans to leverage new tech such as robotics, natural language processing, and modern applications such as deploying robots in healthcare. “Robotic arms have long been used to dispense medication in hospitals”, she says, so robotics could by extension be integrated with video analytics to locate wandering patients with dementia in a nursing home, or detect falls, for instance. She believes that robots could take on more mundane tasks in life, even taking on tasks as personal assistants and reducing manual labour, so that “human beings can have a better quality of life and spend more precious time with family and friends.” She spotlighted communications and networks as the backbone of technology, and sees a lot of potential in the emergence of 5G networks.

Different Perspectives and Problem-Solving

Outside of work, Chien Mien loves photography, especially the genres of landscape and architecture. She finds it enjoyable to see things from different perspectives and appreciates how completely ordinary subjects could be examined from different angles – top, bottom, sides – to become something uniquely different altogether. She finds perspective-taking akin to problem-solving, which is what she does in engineering.

In her leisure, Chien Mien enjoys travelling to places that offers what Singapore do not have, with countries like Switzerland, New Zealand and Iceland as her next target for their nature, landscapes, and open fields.

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