digital transformation is business transformation

NCS NEXT is focused on helping your business use digital technology to fundamentally change the way you operate, deliver value and grow. It is about transforming to become a digital business.

getting ready for what is NEXT

We help you map out and execute to go where the puck will be. We understand the velocity of change in a digital world and help you thrive in the digital economy with the next generation of capabilities and solutions.​


Your digital technology needs are specific to your organisation. To help you formulate and execute your digital transformation strategy, you can rely on our consulting team’s experience, deep industry knowledge and technical expertise in digital services and solutions.

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Digital Experience​

From reimagining healthcare for the future to driving digital transformations in defence, we'll help you create seamless, integrated customer-first digital experiences.

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Actionable Intelligence​

Every business needs to become an intelligence driven organisation. Data is the ingredient, data science is the process to generate insights but intelligence is the business outcome. We can help you get there.

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Right-size your journey to cloud with our range of services, supported by a team of multidisciplinary, cloud-native practitioners and trusted partners. Balance autonomy with standardisation to achieve agility with the right governance.

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Intelligent Platforms​

We can help you understand what's really happening across your enterprise, from managing and analysing video to maintaining your fragmented IoT environment.

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Rethink how work processes and customer needs can be achieved through a combination of technology, training, and guiding your team in developing innovation within the increasingly digital business landscape.

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Enabling new experiences and revolutionise industries with 5G technologies like robotics, video analytics XR, digital twins and IoT.

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Building your NEXT

Discover how you can re-calibrate and re-engineer your business with our NEXT generation services and solutions.

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Explore our full range of services that will enable enterprises to transform their business for the future.

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Talent Programme

Find out how you can advance your career in NCS.

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